Tanning Information

Tanning is your body's natural defense against sunburns. It is what your body was designed to do! But going from sun-deprived to a gorgeous healthy glow isn't just about blasting yourself with as much sun as you can.
That's why Tanners Cove wants to provide you with Responsible Tanning.

What's the most important thing to remember?

Don't ever burn! Deciding which equipment to use without reddening your skin is what your Tanning Consultant specializes in. We use a process called skin typing to determine what category your skin falls under to recommend equipment and lotions right for you while avoiding the discomfort of sunburn.

Before you come to Tanners Cove to relax in one of our sunbeds or standup booths, here are a few things you can do to enhance your results:

Before You Tan

1. Prep Your Skin
Before going in to suntan, it is a good idea to prep your skin for the sunlight. Basically, this means being nice and clean! Moisturized skin will hold a better tan as well, so regular moisturizing at home will also increase the longevity of your tan.

2. Avoid Wearing Make-Up
Make-up, deodorant, and perfumes can interfere with sun tanning lotions and UV rays, so try not to wear them before tanning. Also, remember to remove watches or jewelry that could cause tan lines.

3. If Taking Medications - Talk to Doctor Before Tanning
Some medications, like high blood pressure prescriptions, can be weakened or otherwise affected by UV exposure. Please consult your physician before tanning to determine if your medication is photosensitive. Instant Sunless Spray Tanning is a great way to get a tan that is brilliant, beautiful, and free of UV exposure.

While You Tan

1. Apply Your Lotion
Sun tanning accelerator lotions work best when they are applied right before your tanning sessions. After removing your clothes, applying lotion should be your next step. However, do not use regular sunscreen or outdoor sun tanning lotion! It can adversely affect your tan and can also damage our tanning equipment. Talk to a Tanning Consultant to decide which indoor lotion will give you the biggest boost toward reaching your tanning goals.

2. Wear Protective Eyewear
State and federal law require that you wear proper protective eyewear when tanning because your eyelids are too thin to block out UV rays entirely. We provide protective eyewear for your use and protection as part of our service.

3. No Need to Flip!
Many tanners new to indoor sun tanning may think they need to flip over onto their stomachs during their sessions, as they would when tanning in the sun. However, our beds are designed to tan you evenly from all angles without requiring you to flip.

Some experienced tanners find it beneficial to move their arms from their sides to over their heads to expose that underarm area.

After You Tan

1. Apply More Lotion... Yes, Again!
Tan extenders can help keep you moisturized, which is the surest way to keep a tan lasting longer. Talk to a Tanning Consultant to determine a moisturizing tan extender that can help keep your tan looking rich and golden for longer.

2. If you feel you may have gotten sunburned
Try to shower as soon as you can. Sometimes, a quick shower can slow the effects of sunburn. After showering, be sure to apply an aloe-based relief lotion. See a Tanning Consultant for recommendations of the best reddening relief products available.


When it comes to getting a long-lasting suntan, exfoliation can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Read the tips below to make sure you keep exfoliation on your tan's good side!

1. Exfoliate, but Don't Over-Exfoliate
It may sound complicated, but we promise it isn't. Exfoliation is necessary for a good tan—it gets dead skin cells away so that your skin is more accepting of a warm, golden color. But, over-exfoliating can cause you to scrub away layers of your tan and shorten its lifespan. Try to exfoliate once a week, preferably on the same day each week, just before a tanning session.

2. Exfoliate Only on Your Skin's Rough Patches
Do you feel like your skin could benefit from exfoliation more than once a week? Try exfoliating only on the rough areas of your skin—like your elbows, knees, and the heels of your feet whenever you feel the need for a refreshing scrub in the shower. These are the areas that need frequent exfoliation the most and scrubbing these areas should affect your tan the least.

3. Use a Salt-Free Exfoliating Scrub
Salt is a natural enemy of your vibrant color and can shorten the lifespan of your tan skin of its dead skin cells and make it more prone to accepting the spray color of the sunless instant spray tan. Exfoliating right after, however, may cause the solution to wear off faster than necessary.

4. For Sunless Instant Spray Tanning, Exfoliate Right Before Your Session
But never right after! Exfoliating beforehand will shed your dry skin cells.