BleachBright L.E.D. Teeth Whitening combines speed and convenience with amazing results. In just one 20-minute session, you’ll see your teeth lighten 2-8 shades!  Come in to Tanners Cove today to see the results yourself!

Product:   The exclusive mouthpiece forms to the body of the teeth, eliminating the need for custom made trays.  The unique gel formula that is prefilled into the mouthpiece was specially formulated to respond to the exact wavelength setting on the state of the art light.  The combination of the two creates the most effective whitening possible.

 Light:  Our exclusive light is specifically calibrated to the precise nanometer level that is optimal for teeth whitening. The wavelength of the light is the most important factor in teeth whitening. BleachBright’s exclusive BB-Cool light is meticulously calibrated in the manufacturing process.

Pressure:  BleachBright products are placed perfectly into pressure pockets in the mouthpiece. This creates a squeezing effect and forces the intentionally thick carbamide peroxide gel solution into the very structure of each tooth.

Heat:  Increase the temperature of the carbamide peroxide gel. This enables the peroxide to break down and get behind the enamel which whitens teeth.

Exposure:  Research proves that the longer you expose your teeth to the combination of peroxide, light, pressure, and heat, the whiter your teeth will become


Bluminerals™ enamel boosting gel seals in your whitened teeth and protects them against future stains. With just a 10-minute treatment, sitting under an L.E.D. light, you can increase your enamel strength and protect your teeth against damage and yellowing.

Think of bluminerals™ as the finishing, protective touch for your brilliant new smile. You wouldn’t wash your car without waxing it, would you? And you wouldn’t shampoo your hair without applying a hydrating conditioner, right? Well, don’t leave your newly whitened teeth unprotected, either. After you whiten, insure your smile with bluminerals™ by BleachBright!


1 Session  - $80

2 Sessions - $130

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