Glamour VIP Membership

This membership gives you UNLIMITED access to All UV Beds, Versa Spa Spray Tan Booth, Red Light Therapy, and Fit Body Wrap Sessions for only $135 per month for a 6 month or 1 year membership, plus discounts on lotions and teeth whitening sessions.

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1 FIT Bodywrap Session for $30

Come in and try your first FIT Bodywrap session for $30! 


1 Month Gold (low Pressure Lay Down & Medium Pressure Stand Up) Unlimited Tanning

Come in and get a month of unlimited tanning for only $80!



Weekday Specials!

Monday’s: 10% off Vibro Plate

Tuesday’s: $28 Spray Tans

Wednesday’s: $1 gallon Alkaline Water


$28 Spray Tan

Come in and get that instant summer glow using our automated versa spa spray tan booth for only $28 every Tuesday


$15 Off Teeth Whitening

$15 off your Teeth Whitening session by using our Bleach Bright LED teeth whitening services!