Follow these tanning tips to make the most out of your tanning experience and get the best color possible:

Use Indoor Tanning Products

  • Use lotions before and after tanning for a better, longer-lasting tan. Indoor tanning lotions and other specialty products are specifically engineered to help you get the darker, extended tan, while keeping your skin in tip top shape.

Don't Overdo It

  • You never want to rush it or tan excessively.  You can maintain your color by tanning 1-3 times a week, depending on your choice of UV tanning equipment.  And never tan more than once a day.

Protect Your Eyes

  • Never UV tan without wearing protective eye goggles.

Choose the Right Equipment

  • Different tanning equipment provides different experiences and results.

Know Your Skin Type

  • Always follow the recommended exposure schedule for your skin type.  if you don't know it, your professional tanning consultant at Tanners Cove will help. 

Our Sundbeds:


Ultra Sun Turbo 25000

High Pressure Combi - Level 3.  The spacious 10 minute TurboPower 25000.  The combination of 21 high pressure 1500 Watt lamps with the new "Extreme Filter System" and 21 Professional 180 Watt high intensity lamps, and shoulder tanner ensure an exceptionally dark tan in only 10 minutes.  No gimmicks, no excuses... just pure tanning power and the "Ultimate-Tan" experience.


Royal Sun Turbo

Medium Pressure level 2 - is one of our most popular tanning beds. The Royal Sun Turbo has less of a reddening ray when compared to the Level 1 Low Pressure, and in return offers more of the UVA bronzing ray.  With the beautiful ray the bronzing provides, a base tan is achieved much quicker and will last longer.  Maximum 15 minute exposure.


Ultra Sunburst 4000

The Sunburst 4000 is our Level 1, entry level tanning bed.   Functionality and efficient design in combination with fantastic tanning results is what makes this tanning bed so desirable. Maximum 20 minute exposure time.


Euro Series Sun

This VHR stand up booth is a Level 2 booth, and provides you with a full 360 degree tan.  Never any tan lines, and you will enjoy a full body tan all the way around even on your sides and underarms!  A favorite for many - with a 10 minute exposure time.


Sun Capsule SunDome Standup

The SunDome is a specially designed tanning booth shaped to place you at the center of tanning intensity so you are being evenly showered with bronzing, all-over tanning power.  Maximum 10 minute  exposure time.